Reminiscence, Vintage & Life Journeys

Reminiscence, Vintage & Life Journeys

Our most powerful and therapeutic sessions using a combination of dreamscenes, music and sound therapy, archival reminiscence, and olfactory stimulation.
Chronobiology: usually used between 4-7 pm during sundowning, when the symptoms of anxiety and stress are prominent.
Frequency: 1 or 2 sessions per day.
"Reminiscence videos" typically refer to videos that are created to capture and preserve memories, often for individuals who may be experiencing memory loss or cognitive decline. These videos can be used as therapeutic tools, particularly in cases of dementia or Alzheimer's disease, to help individuals reconnect with their past and maintain a sense of identity.

Here's a general overview of how reminiscence videos work:

Content Selection: Caregivers, family members, or professionals work together to select meaningful content from the Memory Lane TV catalog. We encourage you to complement the viewing with photos, videos, personalized music.

Personalization: Our content is carefully curated to include significant life events, places, people, and experiences that are relevant to the individual's life. This personalization helps trigger memories and emotions.

Narration: A narrative voice or captions is sometimes added to provide context to the images and videos. The narration might describe the people, places, and events depicted in the footage.

Music: Incorporating familiar music or songs from the person's past can evoke emotions and further stimulate memories. We curate very specific music for each film.

Visuals and Editing: The selected photos and videos are compiled and edited together to create a coherent and engaging video. Transitions and effects can be used to enhance the viewing experience.

Engagement: The video is shared with the individual, typically in a comfortable and familiar environment. Watching the video can spark conversations and discussions about their life experiences.

Therapeutic Benefits: Reminiscence videos can offer therapeutic benefits by helping individuals recall positive memories, engage in conversations, and experience a sense of connection with their past. They can improve mood, reduce anxiety, and enhance overall well-being.

Maintenance and Updates: As the individual's life continues, new memories can be added to the video to keep it current and relevant.

It's important to note that while reminiscence videos can be beneficial for individuals with memory loss, they should be used as part of a broader care plan and in consultation with healthcare professionals. Every person's situation is unique, and what works for one individual may not work for another.

In addition to their therapeutic use, reminiscence videos can also be created for anyone who wants to celebrate and preserve their life stories or milestones, even if they don't have cognitive impairments. These videos can be cherished by families as a way to document and share their heritage for future generations.

Reminiscence, Vintage & Life Journeys
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