Evening & Night

Evening & Night

Embrace the enchanting transition from day to night with our 'Evening and Night' playlist. As the sun sets and stars emerge, these films evoke a sense of wonder and reflection, capturing the ethereal beauty of twilight and the mysteries of the nocturnal world. Whether you're winding down after a busy day or seeking a moment of calm, these films provide a captivating backdrop to your evening rituals. From soothing cityscapes to serene landscapes under the moonlight, let the 'Evening and Night' playlist transport you to a realm of tranquility and dreams.

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Evening & Night
  • Sunsets Over the Ocean and Night Skies - S2067

    Sunsets over the ocean, starry skies, and the moon rising and falling over the sea.
    Engagement Level: 1/5
    Chronobiology Season: Spring Evening
    Circadian Rhythm: Early Evening, Night Relaxation
    Watch more Nature & Wildlife films here: https://memory-lane.vhx.tv/nature-wildlife

  • Autumn Forest in the Evening - S2010

    Leaves floating on a pond, fishing, horses, forests, waterfall, foliage, ponds, flowers, bison, and sunset.

  • Western Sunsets - S2005

    Flowers, beaches, waterfalls, Golden Gate bridge, sunsets over the water.
    Engagement level: 1/5
    Chronobiology: Spring Evening
    Circadian Rhythm: Early Evening, Sundowning, Relaxation
    Watch more Nature & Wildlife films here: https://memory-lane.vhx.tv/nature-wildlife

  • Tropical Island Sunset & Night Sky - S2032

    A tropical paradise, with rolling hills and palm trees. Glance a peopled white sand beach and a lagoon. Volcanic rock formations at the water's edge followed by sunsets then an evening sky.

  • California Beaches at Sunset - S2040

    California beaches, a ship passing in the distance, mountains, and cliff-sides to beach carpeted with flowers followed by sunsets.

  • Peaceful Summer Evening - S2066

    Enjoy this relaxing evening film. Enjoy the peaceful night sky and wind down while you reflect upon the day.

  • Sunsets Over Bodies of Water - S2042

    Sunsets over mountain lakes and oceans.

  • Sunset on the Ocean & Night Summer Skies - S2026

    A beautiful view from a home on the ocean, beaches, followed by sunsets and night sky where the moon rises and falls.

  • Sunset in San Diego - S4018

    A beautiful and relaxing window to San Diego’s best beaches.

  • Different Galaxies - S1490

    Prepare to soar away to different galaxies for some time of celestial chilling for a total immersive relaxation experience that is out of this world.
    Engagement Level: 1/5
    Chronobiology Season: Summer Evening
    Circadian Rhythm: Night
    Watch more Night Series films here: https://memory-lane.vhx.tv/...

  • Moon Relaxation - S2012

    A starry sky with a full moon that rises and falls, reflecting a pool of light on the ocean.

  • Aurora Borealis - S4014

    A peaceful starry night in Alaska, with one of the most fascinating sights in the world, the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights.

  • Cities At Night - S144

    A nice film of the city during the night time. See everything from time-lapse videos of night time creeping in, to friends out and about on the city.

  • Classical Evening Playlist - S3401

    This is a great playlist to put on during a nice relaxing evening. Enjoy and relax to the classical music.

  • Winter Sunset & Night - S2069

    Sunset over the ocean and other evening skies.
    Engagement Level: 1/5
    Chronobiology: Winter Evening
    Circadian Rhythm: Early Evening
    Watch more Nature & Wildlife films here: https://memory-lane.vhx.tv/nature-wildlife

  • Peaceful Evening - S427

  • A Walk Through Paradise - S2053

    Join Memory Lane on a walk through paradise. Explore beautiful tropical foliage and get to know the animals that call the tropics home. Take a walk on the beach or just sit in the sun. If you need an escape from a long, cold winter, this is your video!

  • Historical Imagery of Kids, Winter, and Animals - S125

    A reminiscing film intertwining historical imagery of sports, winter weather, and dogs and cats. Join Memory Lane TV for a soothing journey through old-time footage, furry friends, and inspiring landscape.
    Engagement Level: 3/5
    Chronobiology Season: Winter Afternoon
    Circadian Rhythm: Afternoon, S...

  • Jellyfish - S112

    Sunset, jellyfish, reflection pool, evening cityscape, moons rising and falling.

  • Walk in Macau - S6070

    Walk from the Historic Portuguese Old City to the bustling Las Vegas of the East.
    Engagement Level: 3/5
    Chronobiology: Spring Evening
    Circadian Rhythm: Early Evening, Night
    Watch more Virtual Walks here: https://memory-lane.vhx.tv/take-a-walk-down-virtual-walks

  • North American Wilderness - S2028

    Experience the boreal wilderness like never before! This vast terrain brings you into contact with over 80 native and exotic species. Come live alongside the wildlife of North America in its natural habitat

  • Painting with Bob Ross, Sunset Aglow - S5120

    Find yourself in a gorgeous late-afternoon mountain masterpiece by Bob Ross -- breathtaking purples skies, defined evergreens, and smooth lake.
    Every season, a new series of Bob Ross paintings on Memory Lane. Bob Ross offers soothing words of encouragement to viewers and painting hobbyists in thi...

  • Dinner is Served - S5205

    Dinner is a celebration of different flavors and foods. This video is sure to make viewers hungry for all flavors with clips of food savory and sweet. Enjoy watching the process of cooking dinner and the care and attention that goes into it.

  • Deep Breath Relaxation - S8005

    A nice relaxing medley to settle you down and have you focus on your breathing.