Start Here! Learn About Memory Lane & Free Content

Start Here! Learn About Memory Lane & Free Content

Creating videos specifically designed to help individuals relax and engage positively is our expertise at Memory Lane TV. Calming nature scenes such as forests, beaches, waterfalls, and gardens can provide a soothing atmosphere and stimulate positive emotions. BUt there is a wide range of possibilities when you start thinking about multi-sensory stimulation, image reminiscence, and storytelling through visual journeys. Ten years of research and production. Peruse our content and start enjoying different types of content, at different times of the day to either calm, engage, or redirect attention to a peaceful place. Animal and Pet Videos, music and Sing-Along Videos, Guided Relaxation and Breathing Exercises, Virtual Tours and Reminiscence Videos, Art and Craft Demonstrations, Gentle Exercise Videos, Storytelling and Poetry Reading, Aromatherapy and Relaxing Sounds, Guided Meditation and Mindfulness, Cooking Demonstrations...Our collections will evoke memories and engage the viewers in a very unique journey.

Start Here! Learn About Memory Lane & Free Content
  • Learn About Memory Lane

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    Learn all about Memory Lane TV. Whether it is the history of Memory Lane, or the science behind it you will learn everything you need to know.

  • Trailers
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    17 items

    Get to know all the different types of films on Memory Lane TV with our session trailers.

  • Selected therapeutic videos at no charge

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    At Memory Lane TV, we believe in using media as a tool to alleviate stress and anxiety, our screens can become a tool for care. Regular television is not adapted to produce this outcome, and can even do the opposite. With two or three sessions a day, users can moderate symptoms and induce a sens...

  • Free Care Partner Content Selection

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    Memory Lane TV's "Care Partner Channel" is a series of video resources that provides information, support, and resources for caregivers. Teepa Snow, Naomi Feil, UCLA, The Lien Foundation, and the Dawn method are amongst some of the partners who have gathered to offer this content. Here are 20 vid...

  • Installing & Using Memory Lane TV

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    These videos take you through the step by step process of signing up and installing Memory Lane TV.

  • Testimonials

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    Listen to the touching testimonials from professional caregivers and individual users on how Memory Lane TV has worked.