Ocean & Water

Ocean & Water

This collection has all the nature and wildlife films that showcase oceanscapes.

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Ocean & Water
  • Sunrise Over the Sea & Mountains - S2073

    A series of beautiful sunrises over bodies of water.
    Engagement Level: 1/5
    Chronobiology Season: Winter Morning
    Circadian Rhythm: Morning Relaxation
    Watch more Nature & Wildlife films here: https://memory-lane.vhx.tv/nature-wildlife

  • Kawasan Falls, Cebu in Philippines - S4279

    Wanderlust Travel Videos is a collection of films exploring various sceneries around the world, the iconic and famous as well as the undiscovered locations. Experience the virtual travel as if you were actually there! Experience the world in the most authentic way, without music commentary.

  • Waterfalls Soundscapes - S204

    Enjoy the sights and sounds of powerful waterfalls in nature.

  • Landscapes from Patagonia - S2007

    Stunning landscapes from Patagonia with mountains, turquoise lakes, waterfalls, animals, and penguins.

  • Bridge of Tiberius in Italy - S4006

    In this quiet, sunny afternoon near the bridge of Tiberius, you are going to experience a serene walk in the park, conversations, a yoga group session, meditations in front of the river and a look at the village near it.

  • Mangrove River Journey - S6008

    A relaxing Journey down the Mangrove River in Thailand. Relax and enjoy the ride down the river with the sounds of nature. Finish off the trip with an amazing sunset.

  • Crystal Canyon River Relaxation - S4019

    Deep in the heart of California's King's Canyon National Park at Mist Falls: crystal clear spring-fed river, vibrant forests, and natural rock formations.

  • Tropical Island - S2027

    Immersion in one of the world's most pure and picturesque tropical islands - for an entire day from sunrise, to sunset.

  • Tropical Paradise - S2041

    Beautiful tropical beaches.

  • Sunset on the Ocean & Night Summer Skies - S2026

    A beautiful view from a home on the ocean, beaches, followed by sunsets and night sky where the moon rises and falls.

  • A Day in San Diego - S4017

    A beautiful and relaxing window to San Diego’s best beaches.

  • Blue Horizons Relaxation - S2025

    Enjoy this relaxing film of the blue ocean. This film takes you on a journey around the tropical ocean and shows you some amazing shots.

  • Sunsets Over Bodies of Water - S2042

    Sunsets over mountain lakes and oceans.

  • Deep Ocean - S2078

    Virtual aquarium to the ocean deep, with several different amazing scenes: California Kelp forests, glowing jellyfish, schools of Tuna, and more.
    Engagement level: 2/5
    Chronobiology: Summer Afternoon
    Circadian Rhythm: Afternoon, Early Evening, Relaxation
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  • Scenic Sunsets - S2071

    Western landscapes, mountains, falls, sunsets over the ocean, tropical sunsets.
    Engagement Level: 1/5
    Chronobiology Season: Spring Evening
    Circadian Rhythm: Early Evening, Night, Relaxation
    Watch more Nature & Wildlife films here: https://memory-lane.vhx.tv/nature-wildlife

  • Sunsets Over the Ocean and Night Skies - S2067

    Sunsets over the ocean, starry skies, and the moon rising and falling over the sea.
    Engagement Level: 1/5
    Chronobiology Season: Spring Evening
    Circadian Rhythm: Early Evening, Night Relaxation
    Watch more Nature & Wildlife films here: https://memory-lane.vhx.tv/nature-wildlife

  • Deep Ocean Meditation - S3421

    Look at the beautiful blue water and relax to the soothing meditation music.

  • Ocean, Trapeze, London, Waterfall - S103

    Sea-smoke suspended over the sea, a Trapeze artist performing, a Victorian dressing-room with a woman from the 1800s preparing herself for the day, London sites, and scenic waterfalls.

  • Ocean Beach Soundscapes - S201

    Enjoy the soothing sounds of waves and birds on a beautiful beach.

  • Waterfalls & Red Rock Formations - S2044

    See the beautiful western landscapes with red rock formations and waterfalls

  • Far West & Ocean Landscapes - S2046

    Red Rock formations, trees, waterfalls, streams, ocean, mountains, lighthouse.

  • Beautiful Beaches with Turquoise Water - S2034

    At Memory Lane, we believe in Chromotherapy, the use of colors to ease symptoms of various pathologies. This is one of the 4 films using this theory. We concentrated on using Blue as the central color of our film.

  • Sunrise on the Ocean & Mountains - S2035

    Experience the Golden gate bridge, sunrise, beaches, mountains, lakes, and a tropical paradise and so much more!

  • Flying Over Oahu, Hawaii - S4024

    Aerial voyage over the stunning coastlines of Hawaii's most populated & iconic island of Oahu.