Music & Dance

Music & Dance

Sessions of musical reminiscence are a powerful tool to help dementia sufferers, they can sometimes generate "musical illuminations". Our sessions are developed with musical therapists and life enrichment coordinators, using music from the American library of classics.
Chronobiology: Generally between 1 pm and 4 pm.
Frequency: 2 or 3 sessions per week.

Music & Dance
  • Holiday Playlist - S3404

    Get in the holiday spirit with this relaxing holiday playlist playing songs of the season!

  • Classical Evening Playlist - S3401

    This is a great playlist to put on during a nice relaxing evening. Enjoy and relax to the classical music.

  • Fun Dinner Playlist - S3406

    This playlist is perfect for a fun night. Whether you are alone and energized or hosting friends for dinner, the upbeat songs make for the perfect playlist.

  • Relaxing Piano Session - S3206

    Sit back and enjoy the beautiful, relaxing piano playing. Put this film on if you want to unwind, get your day started, or are having company over and want a soothing film in the background.

  • Music From Around the World S137

    Music from around the world encompasses a vast and diverse array of genres, styles, and traditions, reflecting the unique cultural expressions of different societies Music from around the world is a vibrant tapestry, with genres like Afrobeat from Nigeria and salsa from Latin America infusing rhy...