Music & Dance

Music & Dance

Sessions of musical reminiscence, a powerful tool to help dementia sufferers. The reminiscence can sometimes generate musical illuminations, using music from the American library of classics, our sessions are developed with musical therapists and life enrichment coordinators.

Chronobiology: Generally between 1pm and 4pm
Frequency: 2 or 3 sessions per week

Music & Dance
  • "Europe, Cars and Vaudeville"-S2852

    A reminiscing film intertwining imagery of vintage cars, scenic Europe, and 1920s Vaudeville performance. Join Memory Lane TV for a soothing journey through old-time film and inspiring landscape.

  • "Musicals and Mother Nature"-S2851

    A captivating film incorporating popular 1940s musical footage with nature scenes. This session intertwines relaxing film and sound to soothe and intrigue. Join Memory Lane TV for a journey through music and mother nature.