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Watch this video and more on Memory Lane TV

Watch this video and more on Memory Lane TV

Up Next in Level 3 - Advanced, Moderately, severe and very severe cognitive decline

  • Tropical Island Sunset & Night Sky - ...

    A tropical paradise, with rolling hills and palm trees. Glance a peopled white sand beach and a lagoon. Volcanic rock formations at the water's edge followed by sunsets then an evening sky.

  • Beautiful Beaches with Turquoise Wate...

    At Memory Lane, we believe in Chromotherapy, the use of colors to ease symptoms of various pathologies. This is one of the 4 films using this theory. We concentrated on using Blue as the central color of our film.

  • Waterfalls - S2037

    Waterfalls over red rock formations into turquoise pools, mountain waterfalls, and waterfalls over cliffs onto a deserted beach.