South American Odyssey

South American Odyssey

Take a virtual trip to your favorite cities and places to visit in South America

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South American Odyssey
  • Iguazu Falls Relaxation - S4016

    Beautiful & world-famous waterfall paradise of IguazĂș found on the border of Brazil and Argentina.

  • Visit Patagonia - S4026

    Stunning landscapes from Patagonia with mountains, turquoise lakes, waterfalls, animals, and penguins.

  • Andean Mountain Wildlife - S4033

    A beautiful story of new life within a family of Vicuñas in the ruggedly beautiful high elevation desert mountains of Chile's San Pedro Atacama.
    Engagement level: 2/5
    Chronobiology: Fall Afternoon
    Circadian Rhythm: Afternoon, Early Evening, Relaxation
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