Night Series

Night Series

Stars, planets, sceneries of the nights, aerial views of cities at night...

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Night Series
  • "Beyond Infinity"-S1490

    Prepare to soar away to different galaxies for 90 minutes of celestial chilling. Rich in colors and mind-expanding computer-generated space visuals, "Beyond Infinity" is paired with calming ambient instrumental music created for a total immersive relaxation experience that is out of this world. I...

  • "Night Sky with Moon"-S2012

  • "Sunsets and Jellyfish"-S112

    Sunset, jellyfish, reflection pool, evening cityscape, moons rising and falling.
    Engagement Level: 3/5
    Chronobiology: Summer Evening
    Circadian Rhythm: Early Evening, Night, Relaxation
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  • "Sunsets"-S2118

    Sunsets over the ocean and other evening skies.
    Engagement Level: 1/5
    Chronobiology: Winter Evening
    Circadian Rhythm: Early Evening
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