Musical Playlists

Musical Playlists

A collection of musical playlists for different times of the day. Put these playlists on, relax, and enjoy the music.

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Musical Playlists
  • Classical Evening Playlist - S3401

    This is a great playlist to put on during a nice relaxing evening. Enjoy and relax to the classical music.

  • Fun Dinner Playlist - S3406

    This playlist is perfect for a fun night. Whether you are alone and energized or hosting friends for dinner, the upbeat songs make for the perfect playlist.

  • Relaxing Dinner Playlist - S3407

    This playlist is perfect for relaxing and winding down at night. Sit back and reflect back on the day with this soothing playlist.

  • Jazz Music Accompanied by Captivating Abstract Images - S3411

    A collection of jazz music accompanied by captivating abstract video.

  • Soul & R&B Music Accompanied by Images of Stars - S3412

    A collection of Soul and R&B music accompanied by images of the stars at night.

  • Reggae Music Accompanied by Abstract Images - S3409

    A collection of Reggae music accompanied by colorful, abstract images.

  • A Musical Voyage - S3204

    Enjoy this medley of a fun musical voyage around the world. This film is packed with many different aspects of musical and dance. You will see people in the recording studio, people dancing, orchestras, and many more.

  • Retro Song and Dance - S3201

    A collage of retro music and dance: Elvis, Fred Astair, Ginger Rogers...
    Engagement Level: 4/5
    Chronobiology Season: Winter Afternoon
    Circadian Rhythm: Morning, Afternoon, Sundowning
    Watch more Music & Dance films here:

  • Peaceful Morning Playlist - S3405

    This musical playlist is perfect for a nice easy morning. Get your day started in a soothing, peaceful way with the peaceful morning tracks.

  • Happy Lunchtime Playlist - S3408

    This playlist is perfect for a mid day pick me up. This is a perfect playlist to listen to at lunch and get the listener ready for the second half of the day.

  • Meditative Morning Playlist - S3402

    This musical playlist is perfect to start your day in a slow, soothing, meditative way.

  • Lunch Playlist - S3403

    This musical playlist is perfect for a lunchtime pick up if you are feeling tired or lethargic. Also perfect if you are already feeling great. The uptempo songs are sure to turn your day around and get your energy up.

  • Instrumental Playlist - S3400

    This musical playlist is a great assortment of instrumental music. A perfect playlist to put on and relax.

  • Holiday Playlist - S3404

    Get in the holiday spirit with this relaxing holiday playlist playing songs of the season!

  • Music From Around the World S137

    Music from around the world encompasses a vast and diverse array of genres, styles, and traditions, reflecting the unique cultural expressions of different societies Music from around the world is a vibrant tapestry, with genres like Afrobeat from Nigeria and salsa from Latin America infusing rhy...

  • Afternoon Classical Music - S3213

    Enjoy an hour of classical music illustrated by some carefully crafted Memory Lane TV media.