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Watch this video and more on Memory Lane TV

Up Next in Level 2 - Intermediate, Mild and moderate cognitive decline

  • Roaring 20's - S105

    The Roaring Twenties are remembered for their sense of freedom, excess, and cultural dynamism. Many people made a lot of their fortune and businesses during this time.

  • Music From Around the World S137

    Music from around the world encompasses a vast and diverse array of genres, styles, and traditions, reflecting the unique cultural expressions of different societies Music from around the world is a vibrant tapestry, with genres like Afrobeat from Nigeria and salsa from Latin America infusing rhy...

  • Andy Warhol S134

    Andy Warhol, a pioneering figure in the Pop Art movement, revolutionized the art world with his iconic depictions of consumer culture, celebrity, and everyday objects, leaving an enduring legacy that transcends traditional boundaries.
    Andy Warhol, born in 1928, was a leading figure in the Pop Art...