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Food & Kitchen

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Ideal before lunch or dinner to stimulate appetite, these sessions can be used using olfactory stimulation.

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Food & Kitchen
  • Making a Pumpkin Pie - S5200

    Episode 1

    A relaxing, soothing film showing the process of making a pumpkin pie. From the shopping at the supermarket, adding the ingredients, to making the crust. This is a perfect film if you want to see how a delicious pumpkin pie is made or bring you back to when you used to be a baker. Not to mention,...

  • Lunch Time - S5204

    Episode 2

    Enjoy this fun medley film all about lunch time and all the great times we have had with it. Whether it is prepping meat to be cooked for a get together, or a nice picnic with your dog. Everyone loves lunch time!

  • Celebrating Dinner Time - S5203

    Episode 3

    Dinner is a celebration of different flavors and foods. This video is sure to make viewers hungry for all flavors with clips of food savory and sweet. Celebrate the end of another day with loved ones as you settle down for your final meal of the day with this video.

  • Relaxing Breakfast Time - S5206

    Episode 4

    Sit down and enjoy a breakfast of champions. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and grab a plate because it’s breakfast time!

  • Cooking & Eating Dinner - S5207

    Episode 5

    Enjoy this film of people having a blast cooking and eating with their loved ones. The first half is all about the process of cooking, finished with the joy food brings to people when they eat together.

  • Vegan Cooking, Holiday Classics - S5209

    Episode 6

    Enjoy learning some new vegan recipes with our informative vegan cooking shows. This film goes over some of the best meals to cook around the holidays!

  • Vegan Cooking, Chef's Favorites - S5213

    Episode 7

    Enjoy learning some new vegan recipes with our informative vegan cooking shows. This film goes over some of the chef's favorite meals!

  • Cooking French Recipes - S5201

    Episode 8

    Celine makes a french apple tart outside in her garden, then visits an orchard with pickers from around the world. Learn about cooking with apples, bobbing for apples, making apple cider, and even how a dog bobs for apples! `

  • Medley of Dinner Foods - S5230

    Episode 9

    Stimulate your appetite with a wonderful medley of delicious foods!

  • Dinner Party - S5231

    Episode 10

    Dinner is a celebration of different flavors, foods and social gatherings. Enjoy watching dinner parties.