Food & Kitchen - Stimulate Your Appetite!

Food & Kitchen - Stimulate Your Appetite!

Our Food & Kitchen sessions will take the viewers on culinary voyages. Ideal before lunch or dinner to stimulate appetite, these sessions can be used using olfactory stimulation.
Chronobiology: All day.
Frequency: 1 or 2 sessions per week.

Food & Kitchen - Stimulate Your Appetite!
  • "Forgotten Apples"-S400

    Celine makes a french apple tart outside in her garden, then visits an orchard with pickers from around the world. Learn about cooking with apples, bobbing for apples, making apple cider, and even how a dog bobs for apples! `
    Engagement level: 3/5
    Chronobiology: Fall Morning
    Circadian Rhythm: Mor...

  • "Making a Pumpkin Pie"-S4254

    A relaxing, soothing film showing the process of making a pumpkin pie. From the shopping at the supermarket, adding the ingredients, to making the crust. This is a perfect film if you want to see how a delicious pumpkin pie is made or bring you back to when you used to be a baker. Not to mention,...

  • "Umbrellas, Barbecue and Dessert"-S114

    Medley of umbrellas, barbecue, and desserts.
    Engagement Level: 3/5
    Chronobiology: Winter Afternoon
    Circadian Rhythm: Morning, Afternoon, Sundowning
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