Culture & Diversity

Culture & Diversity

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Our special collection is full of many different series of films to spark many different interests. This special collection offers a wide variety of content. Identifying memories also has a lot to do with personal history and cultural background. At Memory Lane TV we celebrate diversity and understand that every person is unique. Our human-centered approach helped us design a series of films that one can use to evoke personal stories that will resonate with their own culture.

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Culture & Diversity
  • A Spiritual Journey - S128

    Episode 1

    In this film, the viewer will be taken all around the world and see many different races and cultures. It is a spiritual journey showing many different religions, styles, traditions, and also just everyday life. The viewer will see how different we all are while at the same time see the many simi...

  • Cathlolic and diversity S155

    Episode 2

    Catholicism is a Christian denomination centered around the teachings of Jesus Christ and the authority of the Pope. It encompasses a rich tradition of sacraments, rituals, and a hierarchical structure that guides the beliefs and practices of its followers worldwide.

  • Hinduism S158

    Episode 3

    Hinduism, one of the world's oldest religions, is characterized by its diverse array of beliefs, rituals, and scriptures, with a foundation in concepts like karma and reincarnation, and the worship of various deities. It fosters a philosophical exploration of existence and encourages individuals ...

  • Buddism S156

    Episode 4

    Buddhism, founded by Siddhartha Gautama in the 6th century BCE, emphasizes the pursuit of enlightenment and liberation from suffering through the Noble Eightfold Path and meditation practices. Central tenets include the acknowledgment of impermanence, the concept of karma, and the goal of reachin...

  • Low Synthesizer Sound Meditation - S3415

    Episode 5

    Enjoy this relaxing low synthesizer meditation film.

  • Judaism S159

    Episode 6

    Judaism, an ancient monotheistic Abrahamic religion, is founded on the covenant between God and the descendants of Abraham, as recorded in the sacred texts of the Torah and developed in the Talmud, guiding Jewish beliefs, practices, and ethical principles. It encompasses a rich tapestry of tradit...

  • Deep Meditation Music - S3417

    Episode 7

    Sit back and relax to this deep meditation music.

  • Deep Forest Meditation - S3419

    Episode 8

    Transport to the forest, relax, and listen to the meditation music.

  • Deep Sunset Meditation - S3423

    Episode 9

    Drift away to the meditation music and beautiful sunset.

  • Meditation Practice - S417

    Episode 10

    Discover our short Channel series of 10-minute relaxation and fun engagement

  • Relaxing Meditation

    Episode 11

    Clear your mind with a quick, relaxing meditation.

  • Chinese NewYear Celebration S157

    Episode 12

    Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a joyous celebration observed by Chinese communities worldwide, featuring elaborate parades, dragon and lion dances, and vibrant displays of lanterns. The festivities, lasting for about 15 days, culminate in the Lantern Festival, symbolizing...

  • Muslim S160

    Episode 13

    Muslims, followers of Islam, adhere to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and the Quran, observing the Five Pillars of Islam which include the declaration of faith, prayer, fasting during Ramadan, almsgiving, and pilgrimage to Mecca, fostering a sense of unity, devotion, and ethical conduct wi...

  • Jewish Holidays

    Episode 14

    Rosh Hashanah: Jewish New Year, marked by reflection, repentance, and the sounding of the shofar.
    Yom Kippur: Day of Atonement, a solemn occasion for fasting, prayer, and seeking forgiveness.
    Hanukkah: Festival of Lights, celebrating the miracle of the oil and the rededication of the Temple with ...