The sense of smell is the strongest sense of all. Along with our partner Scentys, one of the world leaders in fragrances, we composed and produced specific sessions using olfactory reminiscence as part of the multi sensory experience.

Chronobiology: Between 7am and 6pm
Frequency: 2 or 3 sessions per week

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  • "Forgotten Apples"-S5201

    Olfactory Food Session -
    Making apple pie, bobbing for apples, cooking with apples, picking apples, dog in a pool with apple

  • "Portrait of Wonder" - S0644

    A young artist paints her way through treasured moments. As her imagination comes to life onscreen, the film blends together mesmerizing images of nature, art, music, and warm family memories. This medley session interweaves dreamlike, calming scenes with therapeutic music and sounds to soothe an...